The automatic watches are also called as self winding watches, it has been around since 1930s, but it experienced a decline in the popularity with introduction of the quartz watches in 1970s. Though, in recent days there has been improved interest in and a revival of sale of this type of watch. There are various types of watch winders based on the material it is made such as leather & wood watch winders. The following information may help you to know the overview about what is an automatic watch and how it can be wound automatically even we are not being worn.

What is an automatic watch?

The automatic watches are like the traditional mechanical watches which contain set of gears and a wound spring that gradually release the energy to power the watch and keep the accurate time. Inspite of its name though the self winding watches can only wind itself through the movement of the wearer wrist or an arm, or by means of the mechanical winding devices.

Opportunely, this type of watches does not have to be wound up every day as it contains a powerful reserve, which provides enough energy to keep the watches accurately ticking for up to four days. As long as it is worn on every other day and so on, the watches will stay wound nearly indefinitely. If it has not been worn everyday though, it is a self winding watch; it will run down just like any other regular hand wound mechanical watches.

Choose the automatic watch winder

To solve all these problems, the automatic watch winder is developed. This is an indigenous device, which will keep a self winding watch wound up even when not being worn on the hand for long time. This device mechanically imitates the movement of the wrist and winds the watch so that it maintains the accurate time, ready to wear whenever needed and stays properly lubricated.

Wonderful display

In addition to keep the watches wound up and ready to go, the watch winder box can also provides a display case perfectly for showcasing your beautiful watch. The watch winders are constructed with the variety of materials such as plastic, metal, leather & wood watch winders. The configurations that can display and wind single, dual and multiple watches simultaneously.

Popular watch makers

There are many best watch winder makers are available in many places which include Belocia, Rothen child, Orbita, Eilux, Tech Swiss, Steinhausen, Regency, Wolf, and Garmin. Based on the brand, configuration, and the construction material, the prices of the watch winders are greatly vary, ranging from $30 for the entry level units all the way up to several thousands of dollars for multi unit premium cases.

Where to find it

You can find various watch winders and it varieties in various prices and styles through online. With so much variety you choose from, you can be very sure to find the perfect watch winder device that will perfectly meet your unique needs.

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