Guide on How to Select the Best Perfume According to The Season

Perfumes are the must have items in your wardrobe these days. Though the perfumes are expensive, people purchase them because the fragrance makes your presence unique in the crowd and it also gives you a confident feeling.

Choosing a perfume plays a vital role in making your personality strong. While choosing a perfume, there are many factors a person should keep in mind, but there are many perfumes which can be applied throughout the year. Unisex perfumes are taking the market by storm. Dior, Sauvage is a perfect fresh composition, suitable for both men and women.

Choose Seasonal Perfumes

Choosing a perfume as per the season is important because its impact varies according to the season. In summer, the perfume evaporates quickly, but in winter it stays for a longer time. So as per the logic, you should choose the long-lasting perfume in summer and vice versa. Escentric Molecules Module 01 is nothing like you’ve ever worn. It has most alluring smell wrapped in simplicity. Making a wrong decision in choosing the perfume can affect your aura and your clothes as well.

Tips to choose perfumes as per the season

  • Spring Season – This is a pleasant season wherein generally the people’s mood is good. They feel happier. The perfumes which suit this season is one, which makes you feel fresh, light and crisp. Spring season is a season where in people like to wear light Therefore, it is suggested to buy a light perfume as well.

  • Summer Season – The hot season requires coolants for people. It is a season of vacation and picnics. So, it is suggested to go for the fresh and cooling type of perfumes. Summer season makes the perfume smell stronger. Preferably, you should apply light perfume. If you apply heavy perfume, it might irritate you and other people with its smell. You can wear Xerjoff Nio, which has fresh countryside smell to allure people around you.
  • Fall – This is the season when everyone feels lazy because of the cool temperature. In this season, it is preferable to wear a wood fragrance perfume. The other main flavors, which you may apply in this season are – sandalwood, oakmoss, amber,
  • Winter season -The winter season is liked by many people, but also hated by many. Winters are the best time for applying perfume. Stronger perfumes can be applied in winter season. The main flavors, which can be used are – incense, amber, pomegranate, lemon, orange, spices, cinnamon, vanilla, Spicy scents could be overpowering in summer, but bring in warmth and coziness to the crisp wintertime air.


Perfumes and deodorants are different in nature and their purpose is also different. Deodorants are applied on a daily basis to avoid the foul smell of sweat. While the perfumes are applied to make you feel fresh and make your aura pleasant. The perfumes should be chosen wisely because different fragrances give different effects according to the season.

The quality of perfume also matters. There are many perfume sellers in the market, who sell unauthentic and low quality perfumes. Though these are not costly but they might turn out to be harsh on your body and clothes. Though the perfumes are expensive, you should buy the authentic ones and stay royal.

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