Sadly, most guys don’t think twice before they blame a lady if she takes more than the required time when it comes to getting ready, whether it is about heading to a party, office, meeting, or a simple dinner. Well, ladies are also frustrated with this circle of putting on makeup and then removing it as you (guys) are. However, they can’t let it go because looking beautiful is every lady’s right! Therefore, cosmetics and the beauty industry has come up with the idea of semi-permanent makeup. It not only saves time but also helps a woman to look their best always!

Semi permanent makeup is not like a temporary tattoo. It will not remain on your lips for a year or two, depending on certain factors, and then fade with time. Lipsense lip color lasts all day and doesn’t requires touch ups.

Lipsense is inspired by?

Lipsense lip color is inspired by the above cosmetic technology. It is a semi permanent lip color which retains its fresh look until you make an effort to remove it. It is a 100% waterproof and smear proof lip color.

One stop solution!

This semi-permanent cosmetic color is a revolutionary product by Lipsense for all-day wear. This convenient lip color is sustainable and has all the features which a lady desires and requires! It is one permanent solution for your chapped lips, it lasts for a day or even more and keep your lips lustrous.

Lipsense by SeneGence is smudge proof and doesn’t fade or come off irrespective of the fact how often you eat, drink or wet your lips. As long as you have this lip color by your side, sore and dry lips will keep maintaining distance from you. The old waxy lipstick, which you might be using even now, has wax and resins in it and both of them leaves lesions on the lips, ultimately making them dry and bad enough to peel it off. Lipsense helps in healing by being a perfect combination of lip color and Shea butter gloss. If a gloss containing Shea butter is applied on a lip color made of fine molecular, it results in retaining the natural shine; color and beauty of the lips and Lipsense semi permanent lip color have the exact thing in it. Moreover, the lip color will not create puffiness but they will surely define your lips and they will appear to be fuller.

Say hello to

You can visit not only to buy Lipsense by SeneGence but also to browse their glamour makeup tips, find Lipsense FAQs, lip liner tips and to seek other guidelines on makeup and beauty. You can place your order online and the product will be made available at your doorstep within the minimum time possible. also gives you the surety of 100% refund if you are not satisfied with the product and even after you have tried the lip color.

Lip lady is an online store for cosmetics and beauty products for women and therefore you won’t find any of its products in physical started and if your requirement is out of stock as per the website then you can always send an email regarding the same.

Ladies, what are you waiting for? The beauty of your lips is only few mouse clicks away from you!

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