Michael Kors bags: the new generation of the it-bag!

Founded in 1981, the Michael Kors brand was immediately a huge success. Fashion designer, Michael Kors started to be famous, when he appeared for the first time in a TV reality Show, just after the launch of his women’s collection. But the real deal was when Michelle Obama posed in a Michael Kors dress for her official portrait.

For years now, Michael Kors bags have become the « must-have » accessories in every girl and woman’s wardrobe. You can find a very large choice thanks to new and several collections. Among them, you’ll find various type of handbags and purses, shoulder and hobo bags, totes and shopping bags, crossbodies or backpacks to wear casually, go out at night or for any other occasion. Available in diverse colors, those bags are made from materials such as canvas, leather or wool.


Michael Kors not only designs bags, but also launches fragrances for men and women as well as designed clothes. Besides all of that, he created swimwear, sportswear, eyewear and watches. Consequently, whatever your age may be, Michael Kors products will respond to your expectations.

Michael Kors is a known-brand which made its reputation through the quality of its products and several years of experience.

MONNIER Frères, an online shop, sells a lot of known-brand accessories including products designed by Michael Kors and, more specifically, handbags. The providers of MONNIER Frères work very hard to find you suitable products.

Let’s have a look at some of those Michael Kors bag that MONNIER Frères offers on its website.

This is the « Jet Set Item Ew Top Zipped Tote » from the Michael collection by Michael Kors. This bag fits for work, school or simply just everyday life. The color is very sober so it can match almost any outfit. It exists in different colors. You can find this model in black on the website.

« Greenwich Coin Purse wallet » is the accessory you are looking for if you were thinking to change your wallet, because yours is old and broken. Or, maybe you just like having a choice and matching it with your purse. Besides, the color is very trendy and reminds consumers of the summertime as it’s the coming season. But in general, this color can fit any season of the year.

If you browse the website, you will probably be happy to find all your expectations in trendy accessories, and naturally the perfect bag and wallet which match each other.


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