Punk Fashion is Not Dead; Enter the Era of Organic Makeups

Contrary to a popular saying, punk is not dead – as far as fashion is concerned. Punk-inspired fashion is very much alive and is expanding in different countries – believe it or not – even Dubai. Since some people in Dubai have the reputation of having the tendency to be bold and adventurous when it comes to fashion, some of them are not shy to sport punk-inspired hairstyles.

Women in Dubai have exceptional taste for fashion, and some of them are willing to go the distance just to express their sophisticated taste for style. This is very apparent with the booming industry of organic makeup products. Thus, it is not surprising that some are bold enough to try shaving their heads to achieve the punk-look. If you are the type of trendy woman who wants to try punk-inspired hairstyle, you would find the tips below helpful.

Consider lifestyle and job – Before deciding to shave your head and to wear bold hair color, you should first ask yourself this question: ‘Is sporting a punk hair would affect my lifestyle and career?’ If your answer is yes, then you may want to re-think about changing your hair into a punk-inspired one. Some people and company may discriminate against you for wearing bold hairdo since punk culture is often associated with rowdiness. However, if it fits your lifestyle and nature of work, by all means, give it a shot.

Shag it – If you are into extreme punk look, a shag hairstyle would do but with a little twist. Shag is an undying hairstyle – it never gets old, which is why it styling your hair as such would not put you in fashion limbo. However, you would want to jazz it up a little bit to make look like more ‘punk-ish’ by adding spikes at the ends of your shag. This can be done by either sort or long layers, underscoring the spikes of your hair. The rule of thumb for a shag-punk look is to make it messy – the messier, the better.

Color it boldly – Punks are known for their unpopular and bold ideas, which is why they sport outrageous hairdos and hair colors. Some of them would be wearing red, green, or blue hair color. If you are dedicated in your punk look, then you may color your hair with bold colors like red, pink, or electric blue. These eye-catching colors should be complimented with layered haircut to balance the boldness of the colors. You would also want to color only the ends of your hair to add the punk-but-sociable effect to it.

Shave the sides – To achieve your full punk hairstyle, you would have to shave the side of your head. You can shave both sides of your head or just one, depending on the look you want to achieve and embrace. Combining the shag and bold color with two-sided or one-sided shaved head is your passport to fully achieving a punk-inspired hairstyle. However, hair experts from you should be extra careful when shaving your head as aside from the possibility of hurting yourself you may also ruin your hair if done the wrong way. Thus, it is suggested to go to an expert hairstylist to do it for you. Your stylist will also help you decide what type of shaving should be to your hair to compliment the shape of your face.

Fashionable women take tremendous amount of efforts to make their hair in style, which is why it is completely understandable for them to think twice about going punk on their hairstyle. However, for those who are brave enough to shave their hair should do so if it fits their style. If you are not sure whether or not punk hairstyle is for you, you can consult with hair experts. Also, don’t forget to match your new hairdo with some organic beauty products to cop the ultimate look. There are many institutions in Sydney that give beauty advices like Active Career College. Such institution trains student-hairstylists who can give expert advice regarding your concerns.


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