Questions To Ask a Wedding Photographer before Booking an Appointment

You cannot be confident about choosing the right wedding photographer until you meet the photographer in person. There are series of questions you should ask during the meeting to be sure you really want this person to capture your big day.

  • How long have you been trading and how many weddings have you photographed? The answer to this question will give you a picture of his level of expertise and experience. You need a wedding photographer with a lot of experience to give you the best. Mango Studios offers many years of experience in the photography industry
  • Are you insured? Every photographer who claims to be a professional must possess insurance for professional indemnity and public liability. If they do not then tread carefully
  • What are your prices, and what do I get in my package? It is necessary to know what you are paying for to avoid spending money and getting less than expected. You should know the products and services attached to your selected package including length of coverage, album availability and extra charges for overtime.

  • Is this your full time job?  A photographer that takes photography as a full time job is likely to be more experienced professional. You will also need a photographer that is readily available in case you want to schedule a meeting.
  • Do you contract out your wedding photography service? It will be very annoying and disappointing to have a totally different person other than the one you know and booked take pictures on your big day just because your wedding photography was sub contracted to an inexperienced person. Ensure that the same person booked is the one to cover your wedding.
  • Do you provide a written contract? It is very important that you collect a written contract with details about services and pricing
  • Can I see some of your work? Take a close look at all real photos and albums, access their qualities. Ensure that the photos are from real weddings to avoid being deceived. This will give you an insight of the quality of photography you should expect
  • What backup equipment do you bring to the wedding? A good photographer should have back up equipments in case one fails.
  • Do you do a pre-wedding site visit? Photographers visit the wedding venue before the wedding day to enable them plan their photographing strategies for the wedding day.
  • What “style” do you photograph in? The style of the photograph will tell if you will like your wedding photos. Choose a style that best suits you from the variety of styles available so that you will be happy with the outcome.
  • Will you put my wedding photographs online for our guests to see? Many professional photographers offer this service though most often charge extra fees for this service. You should know if there will be an extra cost for this.
  • Do you do a pre-wedding meeting? This is offered by many professional photographers as it enables them to discuss the wedding day. They want to know if there are any special pictures to be taken or special scenes to be covered.

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