Ways to Add Phulkari Embroidery to your Bridal Collection

Originated in Punjab, Phulkari is colourful and vibrant embroidery which is done on the fabric of khadi using bright colourful threads. The beautiful embroidery of Punjab using complex thread work not only typifies amazing craftsmanship, but also gives you a sight into the traditions and rituals of Punjab. But now phulkari is loved so much that it is no more restricted to Punjab only. Many popular designers like Manish Malhotra, Kanika Goyal, etc. are using phulkari in their luxurious designs. From suits to sarees, juttis, handbags, dupattas, and Indo-western dresses, you can find the phulkari embroidery on different things. No matter if you are Punjabi or not, it is good to add the phulkari to your bridal trousseau. You can buy phulkari online and add different items of phulkari in your collection.

Below are the different ways to add phulkari to your bridal collection:

  1. Shine with Colourful Dupatta:

Buy some plain suits in vivid colours such as white, red, pink, blue, yellow, and black. Match your plain suit with the vibrant phulkari dupatta to brighten up your casual look. This dupatta is embroidered in such a way that you notice nothing except that of the vibrant and brightened colours in the dupatta. To enhance the beauty of your looks, the trick is to wear the dupatta with the suit of contrast colour.

  1. Refined Fashionable Blouses:

Phulkari is just not restricted to sarees, suits or dupattas, but you can also wear them as the blouses with the plain sarees. You can also get the phulkari embroidery done on your crop tops that you can pair with a colourful lehenga or a skirt.

  1. Traditional and Trendy Suits:

Gone are the days when there were only a few options in the phulkari suits as there are now a plenty of styles in suits available in the phulkari embroidery. From anarkalis to straight, draped, Patiala suits; you have a lot of options to choose in phulkari suits.

  1. Buoyant Phulkari Jackets:

Phulkari jackets can add a grace to your bridal trousseau as these are ideal for different events, Pujas, and dinners after the wedding. Whether you want to have a short jacket or long jacket, phulkari jackets are available both the ways. You can either pair these jackets with a skirt or a palazzo. Moreover, a short jacket can also be worn over the kurti or suit.

  1. Vibrant Sarees Embroidered with Phulkari:

With the rising demands for phulkari, phulkari embroidery can also be seen nowadays on sarees of different fabrics such as georgette, crepe, cotton, etc. Bollywood celebrities also prefer to wear the sarees embroidered with phulkari these days highly in trend. Every bridal adds a plenty of sarees to her collection to wear after the wedding. So, make sure to have the phulkari embroidered saree in your collection.

  From phulkari suits to punjabi phulkari dupattas, sarees, and jackets, you can exclusively buy phulkari online from the online shopping portals. The vibrant colours used in the phulkari embroidery would add grace and uniqueness to your bridal collection.


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